Friendsgiving Open Invite to Benefit the Food Bank of Larimer County

Join The Fort Collins Coworking Alliance for a Friendsgiving Style Dinner as we gather in the spirit of collaboration to celebrate Fort Collins’ Coworking Communities! We’ve partnered with Music City Hot Chicken and Elevated Sandwiches to create an awesome event for y’all!

Food, drink and music will be provided, all you have to bring is $5 – cash or credit.

Thursday, November 16th

6pm-8pm at The Articulate at 324 Jefferson Street

Bring a dessert to share.

We’ve partnered with the Food Bank for Larimer County to make sure this event touches as many people as possible, and will be requesting a $5 donation to the Food Bank at the door. This donation will provide a family of four with food for a holiday meal!

– Elevated Sandwiches will be providing turkey sandwiches (with GF and vegetarian options). Music City Hot Chicken will be providing a variety of delicious sides. And YOU are invited to bring a dessert to share!
– …And Drink! Beer, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided.

– Meet, mingle and collaboreat with a variety of folks from all around Fort Collins.
– Cohere Bandwidth will be compiling a playlist of local artists for our listening pleasure during the event.

Thank you to all of the Collaborators who are making this event possible. In addition to the folks listed above, PHOCOwill be providing a Photo Booth with props!

fo(co)works alliance spaces: The Articulate, Digital Workshop Center, Office Evolution Fort Collins, Front Range Business Centers, Fort Collins, The Music District, Cohere Community, Cohere Bandwidth.

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Free Coworking and Membership Drive: Fort Collins

EVENT: Back to School, Back to (Co)Work // Free Week of Coworking!

As students go back to school, schedules shift, and summer break comes to an end, The Fort Collins Coworking Alliance invites you to go back to (co)work!

The shift from summer to fall often ignites an eagerness for increased productivity and building new connections. Coworking provides an ideal opportunity to get more motivated, connected, and productive by offering a professional environment away from the distractions and comfort of home to help you get more work done.


From August 28 through September 1, the Fort Collins Coworking Alliance is hosting a free week of coworking for you to try out different coworking options in Fort Collins and find the best place for you to kickstart your productivity.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will be dedicated to free coworking days at the different coworking spaces, each space open to free coworking on a different day based on its location. On Thursday and Friday, receive 25% off the first month of any membership at all participating coworking spaces when you sign up for your preferred coworking space.

Schedule of Events: (space addresses found here)

Monday // Downtown // Free day of coworking at The Articulate and FVC Mesh, 9AM-5PM

Tuesday // Downtown // Free day of coworking at Cohere, Digital Workshop Center, 9AM-5PM

Wednesday // Campus-Midtown-South // Free day of coworking at Music District, Front Range Business Center and Office Evolution, 9AM-5PM

Thursday & Friday // All Coworking Spaces // Free day of coworking at your preferred space, 9AM-5PM.

Sign up to join any co-working location on Thursday or Friday and get 25% off the first month of any membership!

Don’t miss this opportunity to try coworking or finally take the plunge into a membership to find the right fit for you. Time to get back to (co)work!

RSVP on the Facebook event page.

If you have any questions, comment below or email [email protected]

Free Coworking Workspace for Non-Profits in Fort Collins


Fort Collins coworking alliance participates in All Good Work Foundation residency program.

Fort Collins, Colo., June 2, 2017 — Fo(co)works, an alliance of Fort Collins collaborative work spaces, announced a partnership today with the All Good Work Foundation to create a residency program for local social impact organizations. The All Good Work Foundation connects social impact organizations with flexible workspace operators around the world, enabling them to provide free workspace and business resources to verified social causes. Under the program, each of the fo(co)works collaborative workspaces will be able to accommodate a verified All Good Work resident organization, and provide access to fully furnished, top-quality workspace for a period of one year.

Residents will also have access to resources designed to help them grow and develop their organization. The fo(co)works alliance is currently comprised of the following Fort Collins coworking organizations: Cohere, Cohere Bandwidth, Front Range Business Centers, Mesh, Office Evolution Fort Collins, The Articulate, and The Music District. Fo(co)works will announce the All Good Work residency program to a broader local audience at an upcoming coworking happy hour event on June 6 at Office Evolution.

“We are excited to welcome our first All Good Work resident to Cohere,” said Angel Kwiatkowski, owner of Cohere and Cohere Bandwidth. Kwiatkowski, whose coworking spaces have been home to several nonprofit organizations in the past several years, said the All Good Work residency will allow more deserving causes to tap into a supportive, nurturing community of like-minded professionals.

The All Good Work application process is as follows:

Applications for the first round of eligible residents will be accepted between now and June 30, 2017.
All Good Work narrows down applicants through a verification process.
Successful applicants will be granted membership in a workspace for one year.
The impact residents have during this time will be tracked and reported on.

Residents are required to commit to making good use of the space, pay a program management fee of $50 per person per month to All Good Work, and provide feedback and reporting on the impact their organization has created during their time in the program.

For more information about Fo(co)works, visit

For more information about the All Good Work Foundation, or to apply, visit

Join us for our happy hour to benefit Global Leaders, June 6 from 5-7 p.m. at Office Evolution! RSVP Here.

EVENT: Coworking Happy Hour for All

The Fort Collins Coworking Alliance is proud to invite you to our next big collaborative event.

What: Happy Hour to benefit Global Leaders, a non-profit housed in Cohere that provides international service learning opportunities for high school students.

Where: Office Evolution 2580 E Harmony Rd, Fort Collins, CO 80528

When: Tuesday, June 6th from 5:00pm-7:00pm

Who: Any member of any coworking or shared space AND any person who is interested in finding out more about Fort Collins’ shared work spaces.

The Fun Parts

  • Suggested donation of $5 goes straight to fund Global Leaders’ work with local high school students.
  • Interactive COWORK bingo game to get you moving around the room and meeting new people for a chance to win a free month of coworking at your favorite space.

RSVP: On our Facebook page.

Choosing a Coworking Space in Fort Collins

coworking cowodooldes

As I’ve said so many times before, what makes coworking unique and so beneficial isn’t the Wifi speed or the selection of office types: it’s the people. Coworking spaces are first and foremost communities where we celebrate, support, and challenge each other. By being independent together in our selected spaces, we are building a resilient local economy that’s focused on flexibility, openness and sustainability.

With a growing number of coworking choices in Fort Collins, I wanted to revisit the topic of how to choose a coworking space. Like that artist’s palette pictured above, there are many different shades of coworking. Choosing a coworking community is about more than comparing lists of amenities or evaluating price.

Anyone can set up desks and connect Wifi. But did they take the time to build a purposeful community? Are members encouraged to interact? Is there a spirit of collaboration and camaraderie, or do members pass like ships in the night? The answers to these questions will greatly affect your coworking experience.

Rules of Thumb when Choosing a Coworking Space

1. Look for the people. What kind of website does the space have? Are there people in the pictures, or just empty chairs and desks. The way a space markets itself tells you a lot about the type of community that lives there. Member profiles, events, and scheduling functions should always be easily accessible. This indicates activity, enjoyment, and gives you a peek at your new neighbors.

2. Work there first. Never choose a coworking space sight unseen, I don’t care how attractive their prices are. Most coworking spaces offer a free tour or day pass so that you can experience the community culture first hand. Sit in the seats. Listen to the chatter (or lack thereof). Test the lighting, Wifi speed, and coffee. Shake some hands. A coworking community has the ability to drastically affect your mood, motivation, and yes, even profits. Choose wisely.

3. Peruse the plans. A well-established coworking space offers a variety of membership plans so that you can choose the relationship that suits you best. Look for flexible contracts so that you can adjust your memberships according to your needs. No sense choosing a 12 month contract when you travel for 3 months every summer. Also be on the lookout for nights and weekend availability if that’s when you are most productive.

Alright, now that we’ve got those tips out of the way, feast your eyes on a sampling of Fort Collins area coworking options on our fo(co)works alliance home page at


How to Cowork: A New Member’s Guide

2013-05-31 20.03.36

Coworking is a fun, social and productive alternative to working from home or the coffee shop.  You need just a few essential things to cowork effectively at any of the Fort Collins coworking spaces.

  • Your laptop & integrated or external wireless receiver + your power cord and any other laptop accessories you like to use.
  • Your cell phone in case you use that to make work calls. Not all coworking spaces have land lines.


  • A happy, helpful attitude.
  • A project to work on or your normal daily work routine.

What to do when you arrive on your first day:

  • Find the community manager or staff person. Get another tour if you need it.
  • Pick a place to sit.  Many coworking spaces have multiple seating options, the community manager can help you find just the right one.


  • Introduce yourself to your fellow coworkers.  Take a moment to learn what they’re working on and let them know what projects you’re tackling.
  • Begin being wildly productive.  Collaborate with others, ask them questions, offer advice or help your coworkers and start building your coworking community.
  • Any questions or problems, ask your neighbor.

Not sure where the coworking spaces are in Fort Collins? Check out our list at the fo(c0)works coworking alliance at


How Coworking is Better at Networking

networking and coworking

For freelancers and small business owners, networking is absolutely essential. Getting to know people–what they do and what they need–is the fastest way to build connections, and by extension your potential customer base.

The only problem traditional networking SUCKS. Business card exchanges, 5 second elevator speeches, feeling like you’re trapped at a used car salesman’s annual conference–all of this makes me want to gag.

Unfortunately, nothing is more effective at building your professional reputation and creating customers like face-to-face interaction. The good news is, thanks to a wealth of communication technologies, traditional networking events aren’t the only way to get to know someone.

The infographic below breaks down some interesting statistics about the impact of face-to-face networking, how the mobile workforce is changing the look of networking, and the types of situations that demand a handshake vs. those that can be accomplished over the phone or on a video chat.

But before you start scrolling through all that visual goodness, just remember: coworking is the ultimate networking event. Every time you come into your coworking space, or visit another of the thousands of coworking spaces around the world, you’re expanding your collection of contacts, colleagues, and friends. Better yet, you’re not doing it in a contrived, forced, squint-at-their-nametag-and-pretend-to-be-interested kind of way. You’re doing it in a totally casual, genuine way.

Coworkers get to know each other as friends and office mates, with no hidden agendas. We ask about each other’s projects, clients, and experiences, and as we grow closer as community, there are often reasons to refer work or collaborate. It’s 21st century networking that’s effortless and efficient. And doesn’t make me want to gag. Wins all around.

Face to Face Networking

Image via opensourceway