Why Coworking is the Ideal Environment for Productivity

According to a Global Coworking Survey, when pressed to list an adjective that describes their coworking experience, most members said the same thing: “fun”. Wait a minute–fun is supposed to be something that happens when the day’s work is done, right? We’ve all had bosses scold us about goofing off on the clock. The same thing goes when you’re your own boss: too much Facebook and the day will be over before you’ve had the chance to rack up any billable hours.

Here’s the problem: when all the fun is sucked out of a workplace, stress moves in to fill the void. And that’s bad news for productivity. As the infographic below shows, the type of environment in which we work has a big impact on how we feel while we’re doing that work.  Everything from lighting to temperature can affect our mood, and take our day from kick-ass to nightmare. As you can see, working together with people (but not too many people) in the same room is the best way to create a low-stress work environment.

That’s why we coworking spaces that offer many different types of work environments, from open desks to private offices, lounge space to outdoor space are better for you. We’re here to help you work in whatever style will help you remain peaceful, relaxed, and productive. Check out all the fo(co)works alliance coworking spaces on our home page at https://focoworks.com.

What’s the most stressful work environment you’ve ever been a part of? Are you more relaxed as a coworker? Share your thoughts in a comment!

Image via Turnstone

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